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The Heart Mender: Sandalwood Amber & Almond Scented Candle

The Heart Mender: Sandalwood Amber & Almond Scented Candle

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Discover a warm, woodsy fragrance with top notes of bergamot, heart notes of rose and violet, rounded out with amber, sandalwood and vanilla base notes and a resurgence of a sweet odour of crushed bitter almond kernels.

Beyond its captivating aroma, The Heart Mender's base of Almond is believed to balance psychological and physical well-being, reflecting Atelier Amande's dedication to holistic wellness.

From Curiosity To Philanthropy

Our founder's passion for creating a serene atmosphere has not only led to the creation of our candles but also to our philanthropic efforts. By purchasing this Limited Edition Scented Candle, Atelier Amande donates 100% of the profits to the Vivo Cuore Foundation to help Rwandan children in need of cardiac surgery. The foundation is run by a good friend of our founder, and when Atelier Amande came to life, he decided it was the perfect way to help the foundation raise funds.

What is Vivo Cuore?

Vivo Cuore is a non-profit organization driven to save the lives of Rwandan children suffering from congenital heart diseases.

Founded in 2014 by Sandrine Murengerantwali, Vivo Cuore’s mission stemmed from its founder’s ambitious dream to give back the life-saving gift she received as a child in Rwanda: a generous donation which enabled her to receive surgical heart treatment. Alongside helping children in urgent need one at a time we are also striving to help build the foundations for facilities that will save the lives of hundreds of children in Rwanda.

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